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Full Stack Developer.

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Define. Build. Measure.


A Developer who loves to build things from scratch and give them life or add some features to outdated or existing applications and make them shine again, focused on creating cutting-edge, elegant, and accessible user experiences.

I'm passionate about the web, quite curious and enjoy learning every day and taking responsibility to solve real-world problems.

I'm a Computer Engg graduate, I've started my journey back in 2018, When I started learning and exploring Javascript and HTML/CSS. My initial focus was on Javascript, Later I moved forward to explore Javascript frameworks. I've gone for Vue first and then React. I've got hands-on Angular as well.

Apart from working with Front-end Technologies, I've decided to become a Full-Stack developer so I've started combining frontend with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Then I got to learn NestJS and GraphQL.

Currently, I work ProExeLancers as a Senior Full Stack Developer. Before that, I worked as Front-end/React developer for UBS. My first job experience was working with Artoon Solutions.


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The website you're now watching. I built this website with next.js as I wanted something fast and with good SEO for my portfolio. I've used firebase as a back-end service as it seemed like the best fit and it's super easy to keep all Portfolio items in one place. I'm also working on light/dark mode switching. The portfolio has been designed by me using Figma.

  • next
  • firebase

Logar is an Authentication application where users can signup and log in with email or with a Google account login. If a user has forgotten the password then they can request for reset password. The application uses Firebase authentication.

  • react
  • firebase