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Full Stack Developer.

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Define. Build. Measure.


A Developer who loves to build things from scratch and give them life or add some features to outdated or existing applications and make them shine again, focused on creating cutting-edge, elegant, and accessible user experiences.

I'm passionate about the web, quite curious and enjoy learning every day and taking responsibility to solve real-world problems.

A Computer Engineering graduate, I've started my journey back in 2018, When I started learning and exploring Javascript and HTML/CSS. My initial focus was on Javascript, Later I moved forward to explore Javascript frameworks. I explored frameworks like Vue, later transitioning to React and gaining hands-on experience with Angular.

Driven to become a well-rounded Full-Stack developer, I extended my expertise to include backend technologies. Integrating frontend with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, I further expanded my skill set with NestJS and GraphQL.

Currently serving as a Team Leader at ProExeLancers, I bring a wealth of experience. Prior to this, I contributed as a Front-end/React developer for Superworks, and my career began at Artoon Solutions.


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The website you're currently exploring was crafted by me using Next.js, chosen for its speed and excellent SEO capabilities, aligning with my vision for a dynamic portfolio. To streamline data management, Firebase serves as the backend, providing a seamless repository for all portfolio items. As a continuous enhancement, I am implementing a light/dark mode switch for a personalized user experience. The design, conceptualized by me, was brought to life using Figma, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing showcase of my work.

  • next
  • firebase

Logar is an authentication application that offers users the convenience of signing up and logging in using either their email or Google account credentials. In case of a forgotten password, users can seamlessly request a password reset. The application leverages Firebase authentication, ensuring a secure and reliable authentication process for users.

  • react
  • firebase